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  1. Michigan couple found dead in car submerged in freezing river
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Michigan couple found dead in car submerged in freezing river

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South Bend, IN | DMA: 96

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Often times he is missing in action in the newsroom. You are frequently wrong, but he never is. Absolutely unable to make quick decisions and more times than not, plays favorites. Upper management even turns a blind eye to his horrible behavior — but ratings and web views always does well, so he gets credit. He made a move on me outside of work and it was majorly uncomfortable ever since.

Worst two years of my life. Very unorganized. Otherwise, this newsroom is absolutely toxic. But, there are some with major egos — they are fueled even more by the News Director. He treats his employees like dirt, is extremely unapproachable and misogynistic. The overall work environment was toxic and hostile.

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Employees in the newsroom were incredibly cliquey, rude, belittling, unhappy and demanding. The station is poorly run — and upper management does not handle employee complaints and concerns well. I was treated with complete disrespect by the news director and others.

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The newsroom is incredibly toxic — producers vs. As a young, eager journalist, I was walked all over and threatened when I wanted to quit. It was a soul-crushing experience and nearly ruined my perception of television news. Terrible management and a lot of terrible employees. Management has no clue of the environment in the newsroom — and fails to change the hostility and toxicity. Would not recommend. Do NOT let him talk you into doing that on any story. ND Shannon Millsaps is often at a loss for what is happening, as well as when and why, which is frustrating because she also works the assignment desk.

Managing Editor Latricia Thomas is the most knowledgeable news person there, but she knows it and is not afraid to rub it in your face everyday. Together those three kill morale, confidence and creativity. He was a good leader when it came to calling the shots and making sure everyone understood what was expected of them, but there was a severe lack of transparency, and a recurring theme of playing favorites. It often felt like voicing concerns and opinions would not result in any change, which was pretty frustrating.

There was not a lot of grace for mistakes, there was almost zero learning curve. More than once, employees were fired without much indication that anything was wrong in the first place…people were let go without being given any notice or proper training to improve. I was usually treated pretty well, but I noticed some other employees being picked on or given far less credit than they deserved.

I can recall quite a few moments where reporters would pitch great ideas, only to have their pitches passed on to other reporters who seemed to receive more opportunities without working hard or keeping their egos in check. The largest problem, however, was a lack of transparency.

A lot of lies were spread, and it left a lot of employees feeling anxious and uncertain about their future with the station. There was never a solid stream of feedback, and a lot of ideas were shot down when they could have moved the station forward. Overall, the higher-ups in the company would not respond to concerns, shut down employee suggestions, and made drastic decisions with minimal explanation. Be prepared to stand up for yourself when it comes to overtime. The coverage is very saturated in specific portions of the viewing area that upsets viewers and does not serve them the content they deserve.

There are some VERY good, kind, loyal, hard-working people who work at this station, but the environment can often pit employees against each other and put workers in a tough spot.

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Most of us are breathing a sigh of relief the AND was passed over. This person describes the overall newsroom environment as: Open to Creative Control. However, my biggest issue with her is a lack of honesty and directness. She is also incapable of making a decision and sticking with it. I never knew where I stood with her, and as an employee it was very frustrating. Burnout is a major, major factor. Whenever employees bring these concerns to management, the GM and news director become defensive.

Local restaurants serving up deals

Gradually, they kept sending me out of my county to cover stories. When I asked them if I could just move up to the main station, the news director never gave me a straight answer. My biggest beef was the lack of honesty and transparency from management. Both the news director and assistant news director operate in a very passive aggressive manner.

He will make inappropriate comments on your looks and outfits. He gets pushed around by his Assignment Editor who comes from newspaper and treats TV like the paper. The station is a legacy station and is 1 in the market but is barely holding on. The 2 station, WJHL , will probably take the 1 spot in the next year. When one person leaves the station it can take up to two years for the ND to replace them because he drags his feet when hiring. This means the station is always short-staffed and resources are strained.

You will get little to no feedback from management. I recommend shadowing the anchors, they are a wealth of knowledge. This is market , but WCYB acts like market This is a starter market, and these problems come along with markets this size.

Get major discounts emailed to you daily!

You just have to seize every opportunity you get to make the most of a crapy station. The newsroom is extremely understaffed. In the last year alone, we lost almost the entire sports department, 3 veteran reporters, a ton of photogs and producers that I lost count. The newsroom is very toxic. The managers love to pick their favorites and give them either a promotion or the best stories.

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If you are not a favorite, the managers will make your life a living hell. In the last year, we also replaced veteran journalists for young, cheaper talent. Some of the hired talent only worked in one market prior to the Phoenix move. Many of the newer talent have little to no Arizona connection and it shows. Many of our newscasts are so unwatchable now. The anchors will absolutely tear apart your scripts and ask a lot of questions, but you learn very quickly how to be a good reporter and tell a thorough story. Ask for feedback, learn everything you can, and be respectful, and you will learn more than you thought possible for a first job.

I would recommend working for KXII and it is also a great start to jump higher!! Praise Jesus. The more I worked with him, the more I realized how mentally unstable and petty the man really is. When he was the News Director of KATU, he filed a police report because a satirical website made a parody of one of his reporters. Furthermore, he even filed a hate crime report to the FBI. And that is what Rausch has been throughout his career — a joke. Ratings are down, morale is down, he forced our beloved Executive Producer Natalie to quit and replaced her with a known sexual predator.

The good news is that he was forced to resign relatively recently. Cindy Dixon, once our extremely useless Assistant News Director, was also canned. Seriously, all they care about is flashy and glitzy content.

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They push out talented people and promote the dregs. Just the worst. He gets over-involved a lot. People will talk about each other behind their back every day. No one has a positive attitude. Everyone is out to get each other and cover their own butts. People will tear you down and talk about you.